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It’s precedence, not context

Ovid blames Perl for a newbie-level mistake in a Twitter post. Marcel goes on to misread the problem as one of context. Ovid posts a fix that uses parentheses to solve the precedence problem. This is chiefly a problem of code reading skills. Here’s the code: $ perl -MData::Dumper -e ‘sub boo { 1,2,3 } […]

print ‘Hello world!\n’;

Why write Effective Perl when you can complain about Defective Perl? Negativity is so much more cathartic and soul cleansing, plus you get to be really, really bitter about things you don’t really understand. You know you want to, after slaving all day fixing the mistakes of your coworkers, seeing hundreds of new and interesting […]

Let perl tell you how to code

I had to work on Perl 5.005 today. It’s not my favorite version of Perl, but sometimes (well, most times), I don’t get to pick the version that a customer has to use. I just suck it up and drive on. Usually I have a bit of a re-education period where I have to remember […]

Speak Perl instead of typing Perl

If you’re too lazy to type (Perl requires a lot of shift key), speech recognition might work. It takes a really long time to train the software, but once you get it going it can save you a lot of time and the wear-and-tear on your keyboard (especially since you won’t rub out the “shift” […]