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elif’s missing ‘e’

@aran384 complains on Twitter about Perl’s elsif, throwing up his hands with a “WTF?”. It’s the sort of facile complaint by the people who can’t think or don’t want to think.

Bugzilla mis-using is not a bug

Gervase Markham writes about a New Class of Vulnerability that shows the unbridled ego that leads to someone blaming the language and ignoring their own lack of competence. He writes about a new class vulnerability for what he labels a bug. It’s neither new nor a bug. Miyagawa wrote about this in 2009 in Perl: […]

Practically Extinct Rubbish Language

Carter Shanklin tweets Maintaining a script I wrote in PERL (aka Practically Extinct Rubbish Language). Not fun. It might be more fun if you didn’t write crap in the first place. But, that’s okay, because it’s perfectly okay for the Defective Perler to blame the tool for his shortcomings. We wouldn’t have jobs otherwise!

Some books don’t even need an author

There’s no author listed on the cover or the spine of PERL Programming Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: Perl Programming Certification Review for, although you’ll find it’s edited by Emilee Newman Bowles. “Edited” might be a loose term, considering most of the content in the book is wholly lifted, without attribution or reference, from […]

I heard about PERL last week so I’m now going to teach it to you

Is is possible to make every common mistake about Perl in one lecture? Prof. I. Sengupta of the Indian Institute of Technology certainly tries. He’s collected all the rumors and sibboleths into one lecture. Take a drink every time he’s talking about something he doesn’t understand.

Glenn Vanderburg wrote a Perl program, and that makes him an expert

Glenn Vanderburg tries to make Ruby look good by making Perl look bad. Really? Ruby’s a fine language and can stand on its own. There’s no need to show your Perl ignorance to advocate Ruby.