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Programming versus programs

Some people use programming languages to create programs and other people use those programs. Many people know the the difference. Some people don’t. Witness this tweet from @Nolaan_boy: #Perl's just a f****g retarded language I'm F. done with it! I tried many years but it's still a nightmare! #python — Social Entrepreneur (@Nolaan_boy) August […]

elif’s missing ‘e’

@aran384 complains on Twitter about Perl’s elsif, throwing up his hands with a “WTF?”. It’s the sort of facile complaint by the people who can’t think or don’t want to think.

Bugzilla mis-using is not a bug

Gervase Markham writes about a New Class of Vulnerability that shows the unbridled ego that leads to someone blaming the language and ignoring their own lack of competence. He writes about a new class vulnerability for what he labels a bug. It’s neither new nor a bug. Miyagawa wrote about this in 2009 in Perl: […]

Don’t look at that CPAN module!

Can’t use CPAN modules? If you can’t, you have company, whether you want it or not. CPAN Dependency Hell is a real problem, and it’s much worse if you’re an experienced Perl programmer. Management might want to clamp down on third-party, unsupported code. Lawyers might be afraid. I don’t want to get into that bit […]

Don’t blame your misunderstanding of precedence

Ovid blames Perl for a newbie-level mistake in a Twitter post. Marcel goes on to misread the problem as one of context. Ovid posts a fix that uses parentheses to solve the precedence problem.