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The Josephus Problem: It’s a way of thinking

danvk tried to solve the Josephus Problem in Perl, Python, and Ruby, comparing each one. He had some pretty ignorant things to say about each.

Cut and paste another branch when you need it

People get all upset about long if-elsif chains, but if they’d just use a proper code editor with cut-n-paste and search, it’s really not all that bad. With split panes, multiple windows, and a big monitor, I can see hundreds of lines of code at once, so what’s your problem? Only got 24 rows? Get […]

Glenn Vanderburg wrote a Perl program, and that makes him an expert

Glenn Vanderburg tries to make Ruby look good by making Perl look bad. Really? Ruby’s a fine language and can stand on its own. There’s no need to show your Perl ignorance to advocate Ruby.