Some books don’t even need an author

There’s no author listed on the cover or the spine of PERL Programming Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: Perl Programming Certification Review for, although you’ll find it’s edited by Emilee Newman Bowles. “Edited” might be a loose term, considering most of the content in the book is wholly lifted, without attribution or reference, from random content on the internet. Maybe she was the person to change all instances of “Perl” to “PERL”, but she didn’t follow her own advice in The Top 10 Mistakes when Writing Query Letters.

Here’s a real howler. What’s the difference between “Use” and “Require”? Even if they did get the capitalization correct, they don’t even steal the right content (which is in perlfaq8).

Here’s a page that they steal almost completely from a Slashdot interview answer by Larry Wall:

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